Date: 16 September 2017
Location: Koper, Slovenia
Place: Arena Bonfika

*The fighting records are shown this way: (Wins- Losses- Draws).
*All the fights are 3 rounds and 3 minutes, except if otherwise is shown.
*All the fights are kickboxing rules, except if otherwise is shown.
*In case the post is a ”results” post, green colour is the winner and the purple colour shows how the win was.
*(CC) means current champion.
*If the names, country, fighting record or anything else is incorrect, please send a message below and we will fix it immediatly.


Heavyweight (-100KG)
Miran Fabjan  vs.  Dzevad Poturak  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Slovenia              Bosnia and Herzegovina
43-18-0              53-26-6

Light Middleweight (-71KG)
Rhassan Muhareb  vs.  Vlad Tuinov (CC) (Title Fight)  TKO IN ROUND 4
Denmark                    Russia
100-32-0                    31-2-0

Cruiserweight (-85KG)
Franci Grajs  vs.  Denis Marjanovic  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Slovenia             Bosnia and Herzegovina
33-8-0               21-5-1

Light Cruiserweight (-80KG)
Darryl Sichtman  vs.  Fahir Batjar  TKO IN ROUND 2
The Netherlands        Austria
54-12-1                   30-12-1

Light Heavyweight (-95KG)
Danilo Coda  vs.  Jasmin Becirovic  KO IN ROUND 1
Italy                   Slovenia
15-6-0               56-8-1

Welterweight (-65KG)
Orfun Sananzade  vs.  Andrej Kedves  SPLIT DECISION
Ukraine                      Croatia
78-14-0                     18-1-0

Heavyweight (+95KG)
Igor Mihaljević  vs.  Enver Sljivar  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Croatia                   Bosnia and Herzegovina
24-21-1                 29-4-0


Light Middleweight (-70KG)
Azdren Krasniqi  vs.  Gregor Kek  SPLIT DECISION
Italy                        Slovenia
15-4-1                     6-1-0

Cruiserweight (-84KG)
Petar Jaman  vs.  Aleksander Stankov  SPLIT DECISION
Croatia                Slovenia
18-7-0                11-6-0

Cruiserweight (-85KG)
Alexandr Savin  vs.  Bor Bratovz  DRAW
Italy                       Slovenia
24-2-4                    0-0-0

Super Cruiserweight (-91KG)
Ivan Stanic  vs.  Denis Porcic  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Croatia              Slovenia
31-12-1             10-5-0


Cruiserweight (-85KG)
Matic Pranjic  vs.  Stefan Stanic  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Slovenia               Slovenia
1-0-0                   0-0-0

Middleweight (-71KG)
Sergey Chadin  vs.  Yao Agbetiafa  MAJORITY DECISION
Russia                    Italy
11-3-1                   18-3-1

Bantamweight (-53KG)
Ana Filipovic  vs.  Monika Kucinic  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Croatia                Slovenia
0-0-0                  11-1-0

HOW TO WATCH W5 Legends Collide 41 LIVE

How to watch W5 Legends Collide 41 live?

First of all, W5 is a big proponent of showing young up-and-coming talent as well as legends. Therefore, each tournament is split into 2-3 sections:
-Early Prelims
-Main Card

Best thing to do is of course just buy the ticket and see the event live from beginning till end. Tickets can be bought through Eventim SI:

The event can also be bought on or

All tournaments usually consist of at least one championship fight as well as 2-3 Super Fights.

W5 & Rebuy Stars: Fortune Favors the Brave11 November 2017Kosice, Slovakia
W5 "Legends Collide"
Miran Fabjan vs Dzevad Poturak
16 September 2017Koper, Slovenia
W5 "The Undefeated-Night of Gladiators II": Massaro Glunder Vs. Vlad Tuinov8 April 2017Dubrovnik, Croatia
W5 Grand Prix "KITEK" 2017: Artem Pashporin Vs. Giorgio Petrosyan18 February 2017Moscow, Russia
W5 Moscow “Choose the way of a champion”21 October 2016Moscow, Russia
W5 “Legends in Prague”8 October 2016Prague, The Czech Republic
W5 European League “Fortune favours the brave”10 September 2016Zvolen, Slovakia
W5 European league “Fortune favours the brave” ХXXV18 June 2016Prievidza, Slovakia
W5 European league “Fortune favours the brave” XXXIV4 June 2016Zagreb, Croatia
It’s W5 time Vienna “Never give up” XXXIII21 May 2016Vienna, Austria
W5 Grand Prix KITEK XXXII23 April 2016Moscow, Russia
W5 Grand Prix Vienna Winners' Energy XXXI5 December 2015Vienna, Austria
W5 Grand Prix Moscow Be the best XXX30 August 2015Moscow, Russia
W5 Grand Prix KITEK XXIX24 April 2015Moscow, Russia
W5 Crossroad of times XXXVII - XXVIII29-30 November 2014Bratislava, Slovakia
W5 Grand Prix Rematch XXVI11 October 2014Moscow, Russia
W5 Grand Prix Open Air XXV21 June 2014Piestany, Slovakia
W5 Grand Prix Oryol XXIV1 March 2014Oryol, Russia
W5 Grand Prix Moscow XXIII22 December 2013Moscow, Russia
W5 Grand Prix Oryol XXII16 November 2013Oryol, Russia
W5 Grand Prix Orel XXI24 April 2013Oryol, Russia
W5 Fighter Bratislava XX16 March 2013Bratislava, Slovakia
W5 Fighter Moscow XIX1 March 2013Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XVIII23 December 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XVII29 November 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XVI8 November 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XV11 October 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XIV20 September 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XIII24 August 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XII19 April 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow XI30 March 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Fighter Moscow X24 February 2012Moscow, Russia
W5 Grand Prix К. О. IX2011Moscow, Russia
W5 League VIII22 October 2011Volgograd, Russia
W5 League VII9 April 2011Rostov, Russia
W5 League VI12 February 2011Moscow, Russia
W5 league V25 September 2010Moscow, Russia
Championship of the five continents: Grand Prix Ryazan IV31 October 2009Ryazan, Russia
Championship of the five continents: Grand Prix Ryazan III29 November 2008Ryazan, Russia
Battle on the Volga-2008 II30 May 2008Kalyazin, Russia
W5 Grand Prix Best vs Best I23 February 2008Moscow, Russia
W5 Grand Prix “Shoulder to shoulder” (“Rame uz Rame”)1 January 2008Budva, Montenegro


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