Date: 27 January 2018
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Place: 9 Eylul Universitesi Tinaztepe Yerleskesi Spor Salonu

*The fighting records are shown this way: (Wins- Losses- Draws).
*All the fights are 3 rounds and 3 minutes, except if otherwise is shown.
*All the fights are kickboxing rules, except if otherwise is shown.
*In case the post is a ”results” post, green colour is the winner and the purple colour shows how the win was.
*(CC) means current champion.
*If the names, country, fighting record or anything else is incorrect, please send a message below and we will fix it immediately.


Super Heavyweight (+100KG) (MMA)
Okan Bitane  vs.  Taylan Dizek  (2x5minutes)
Turkey                Poland

Super Heavyweight (+100KG)
Sergio Pique  vs.  Mehmet Özer
Suriname             Turkey

Super Heavyweight (+100KG)
Bob Sapp  vs.  Selcuk Ustabasi
U.S.A              Turkey

Super Welterweight (-70KG)
Arbi Emiev  vs.  Hasan Toy
Russia               Turkey

Welterweight (-67KG)
Umut Norgaz  vs.  Damian Johansen
Turkey                  The Netherlands

Super Welterweight (-70KG) (BOXING)
Fabrizio Giuseppe  vs.  Ugur Sahin (4x3minutes)
Italy                           Turkey

Super Middleweight (-78,5KG)
Sinan Ulutürk  vs.  Arjan Sadikovic
Turkey                  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Super Heavyweight (+100KG)
Atakan Arsan  vs.  Peter Aerts  (Show Fight)
Turkey                  The Netherlands

Super Heavyweight (+100KG)
James McSweeney  vs.  Firouz Fakhri
England                        Iran

Middleweight (-75KG)
Mecid Hasembeygi  vs.  Murat Ismik
Iran                             Turkey

Light Middleweight (-72,5KG)
Christoph Wunn  vs.  Ömer Kurt
Germany                  Turkey

Light Welterweight (-64,5KG)
Yusuf Erdogan  vs.  Jan Kaffa (Title Fight)
Turkey                   The Netherlands

Super Welterweight (-70KG) (BOXING)
Hicham El Hajji  vs.  Eduard Domke  (4x3minutes)
Morocco                  Germany

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Geplaatst door Mix Fight Championship op dinsdag 2 januari 2018




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