Date: 2 December 2017
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Place: Fraport Arena

*The fighting records are shown this way: (Wins- Losses- Draws).
*All the fights are 3 rounds and 3 minutes, except if otherwise is shown.
*All the fights are kickboxing rules, except if otherwise is shown.
*In case the post is a ”results” post, green colour is the winner and the purple colour shows how the win was.
*(CC) means current champion.
*If the names, country, fighting record or anything else is incorrect, please send a message below and we will fix it immediatly.


Darryl Sichtman (CC)  vs.  Regian Eersel (Title Fight)
The Netherlands               The Netherlands

Enriko Kehl  vs.  Shemsi Beqiri (Title Fight)
Germany           Albania

Murat Aygün  vs.  Vladimir Tok (Title Fight)
Turkey                 Germany

Viktor Bogutzki  vs.  Admir Hamidovic (Title Fight)
Russia                     Bosnia

Hasan Toy  vs.   Vladislav Tuinov
Turkey              Russia

Jake Purdy   vs.   Juri Kehl  (Title Fight) (Muay Thai)
United Kingdom   Germany

Jerome Heinz  vs.  Max van Helder
Germany              The Netherlands

Sergej Braun  vs.  Bartosz Zajac
Germany              Poland

(-64KG) (final)
Semi-final A Winner  vs.  Semi-final B Winner


(-64KG) (semi-final)
Qaisar Amer Chel  vs.  Andrej Kedves
Germany                    Russia

(-64KG) (semi-final)
Joan M. Lique Canaveral  vs.  Caner Canavar
Colombia                              Turkey

Damian Johansen  vs.  Asmat Obaid Gondal
The Netherlands          Afghanistan

TBA  vs.  Akam Tarageh
…           Iran

Mix Fight Championship​ #23

Mix Fight Championship #23 Best Muay Thai and K-1 Matches, don't miss!02. Dezember Tickets: Card: Preliminary Fights:Damian Johansen (NED) (Bonjasky Academy) vs Asmat Obaid Gondal (AFG) (MMA Spirit) – K-1 3×3 min. -70 kg4-Man Tournament -64kg K-1 Fight A: Qaisar Amer Chel (GER) (Tempel Fightschool) vs Andrej Kenves (RUS) (W5) 3×3 min K-1 -64 kgFight B: Joan M. Lique Canaveral (COL) (Apache) vs Caner Canavar (TUR) (Fightschool Tübingen) 3×3 min K-1 -64 kgMain card:Sergej Braun (GER) (Brauns Gym) vs Akam Tarageh (IRA) (EFC) 3×3 min K-1 -78,5 kgJerome Heinz (GER) (Kickboxakademie Heilbronn) vs Max van Helder (NED) (Superpro) 3×3 min K-1 -95 kgJake Purdy (UK) vs Juri Kehl (GER) (Frankers Fight Team) 3×3 min Muay Thai -68kg MFC Title FightHasan Toy (TUR) (ARJ Trainingen) vs Vladislav Tuinov (RUS) (Chadins School) 3×3 min K-1 -72,5 kgViktor Bogutzki (RUS) (Tempel Fightschool) vs Admir Hamidovic (BOS) (Kickboxakademie Heilbronn) 3×3 min K-1 +100 kg MFC Title FightMurat Aygun (TUR) (Team Aerts) vs Vladimir Tok (GER) (Amrani Palast) 3×3 min K-1 + 100kG MFC Title FightEnriko Kehl (GER) (Tempel Fightschool) vs Shemsi Beqiri (ALB) (SuperPro Schweiz) 3×3 min K-1 -72,5 kg MFC Title FightMain Event:Darryl Sichtman (NED) (TEAM SICHTMAN) vs Regian Eersel (NED) (Sityodtong) 3×3 min K-1 -78,5 kg MFC Title Fight4 Man Tournament Final MFC Title Fight:Final A vs Final BLive on PPV:, fightboxlive.comVideo editing by Dima Kling

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