Date: 10 December 2016
Location: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Place: Guoxin Gymnasium

*The fighting records are shown this way: (Wins- Losses- Draws).
*All the fights are 3 rounds and 3 minutes, except if otherwise is shown.
*All the fights are kickboxing rules, except if otherwise is shown.
*In case the post is a ”results” post, green colour is the winner and the purple colour shows how the win was.
*If the names, country, fighting record or anything else is incorrect, please send a message below and we will fix it immediatly.

Rookie Fights

(63kg) (MMA)
Wu Tianjin  vs.  Xu Weihao
China               China
0-0-0               0-0-0

(65 kg)
Name Unknown  vs.  Xi Shaoyu
Congo                      China
???                          ???

Main Card

Lau Waicheuk  vs.  Lin Qiangbang
Hong Kong            China
???                       ???

Salihov Muslim  vs.  Nuerla Mulali
Russia                     China
???                         ???

Kodera Kohei  vs.  Gong Yuankun
Japan                   China
???                       ???

(85kg) (MMA)
Koji Shikuwa  vs.  Wang Sai
Japan                   China
2-2-0                   17-6-1

Komsan Hanchana  vs.  Zhang Yang
Thailand                       China
???                              ???

Aleksandr Stetcurenko  vs.  Darryl Sichtman (Semi-Final)
Russia                               The Netherlands
55-13-0                             50-9-1

Hicham El Gaoui  vs.  Dmitry Valent (Semi-Final)
Morocco                    Belarus
48-5-2                      29-7-0

Li Zhuangzhuang  vs.  Kong Lingfeng
China                         China
???                            ???

Kim Dongsu  vs.  Zhang Chunyu
Korea                 China
???                     ???

(75kg) (MMA)
Juan Suarez  vs.  Zhang Lipeng
Spain                  China
17-9-0                19-9-1

Tofan Pirani  vs.  Asihati
Sweden              China
???                     ???


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