Kickboxing organization Enfusion demands compensation from Badr Hari of ‘towards one million euros’ due to breach of contract. Badr would also have signed a contract with this organization for a fight in Antwerp, but suddenly cancelled that.

Ten days ago, kickboxing organization Glory announced that Badr Hari is making his comeback in the ring on 3 March in Ahoy. Immediately afterwards, Glory’s competitor Enfusion simultaneous came with the story that Badr would also have signed a contract with Enfusion for a fight in May. Badr’s manager and lawyer Jacques de Wit did not deny this, but said that Enfusion had not paid the first advance payment in time and that the contract had expired.

The Belgian lawyer Walter van Steenbrugge sends that argument to the realm of fables. “Nonsense, a fallacy. There is constant mail traffic between us and Mr. De Wit about the payments. There were hugs, weeks after that first payment there were conversations, the machine was in operation and suddenly there was a note that ‘it did not go through’. ”

Van Steenbrugge says that they can no longer claim that Badr Hari will not be in Ahoy on 3 March. “If he wants to break a contract, we can not stop him”. However, the lawyer demands compensation on behalf of his client. The kickboxing organization thought that Badr Hari could easily fill up Antwerp’s sports palace (18,000 places), regardless of all commercially attractive promotional activities and TV rights.

We have informed the management of Badr Hari that we hold him liable for the damage. We are counting on how high the damage is, but it involves many thousands of euro’s, towards the million. And if we can not figure it out, it will be a civil lawsuit. That will then be held in Gent ”, says Van Steenbrugge.

According to Van Steenbrugge there is a chance that Glory will also be held liable. “Because they knew Badr had a contract for an event in Belgium.”

Decent and professional
Topman Scott Rudmann of Glory has now also involved himself in the case. He confirms that Badr is in Ahoy on 3 March anyway. ”And furthermore it is a matter between the team of Badr Hari and that organization, of which it is not clear to me whether it is Enfusion or a company affiliated to Enfusion. But Badr Hari’s team is the most decent and most professional I know. That other organization simply did not comply with certain conditions, as I understand it. They are angry and disappointed, I understand that, but we have a clean contract and Badr will certainly be in Ahoy one hundred percent on March 3rd. ”




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