Date: 25 February 2017
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Place: Yoyogi National Gymnasium

*The fighting records are shown this way: (Wins- Losses- Draws).
*All the fights are 3 rounds and 3 minutes, except if otherwise is shown.
*All the fights are kickboxing rules, except if otherwise is shown.
*In case the post is a ”results” post, green colour is the winner and the purple colour shows how the win was.
*If the names, country, fighting record or anything else is incorrect, please send a message below and we will fix it immediatly.
*(CC) means current champion.


Super Bantamweight (-55kg)
Hiroto Ishizuka  vs.  Yuta Kuwata  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Japan                      Japan
…                           …

Super Lightweight (-65KG)
Atsuto Matsumoto  vs.   Kensei Kondo  DRAW
Japan                           Japan
…                                …

Super Welterweight (-70kg)
Katsuya Jinbo  vs.   Taketo  KO IN ROUND 1
Japan                     Japan
…                          …


Lightweight Tournament Reserved Fight (-62,5KG)
Rukiya  vs.  Hiroshi Mizumachi  KO IN ROUND 2
Japan         Japan
…              …

Lightweight (-62,5KG) (quarter final)
Ren Hiramoto  vs.  Brice Delval  MAJORITY DECISION
Japan                    France
…                         …

Lightweight (-62,5KG) (quarter final)
Koya Urabe  vs.  Gonnapar Weerasakreck  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Japan                 Thailand
…                      …

Lightweight (-62,5KG) (quarter final)
Daizo Sasaki  vs.  Wei Rui  KO IN ROUND 2
Japan                   China
…                        …

Lightweight (-62,5KG) (quarter final)
Toshiki Taniyama  vs.  Cristian Spetcu  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Japan                        Romania
…                             …

Heavyweight (+95KG)
Makoto Uehara  vs.  Ibrahim el Bouni  KO IN ROUND 2
Japan                      The Netherlands
…                           …

Super Lightweight (-65KG)
Masaaki Noiri  vs.  Younes Smaili  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Japan                   Morocco
…                        …

Lightweight (-62,5KG) (semi final)
Ren Hiramoto  vs.  Gonnapar Weerasakreck  KO IN ROUND 1
Japan                    Thailand
…                         …

Lightweight (-62,5KG) (semi final)
Wei Rui  vs.  Cristian Spetcu  UNANIMOUS DECISION
China           Romania
…                …

Super Welterweight (-70kg)
Shintaro Matsukura  vs.  Hinata  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Japan                            Japan
…                                 …

Super Featherweight (-60KG)
Hirotaka Urabe (CC)   vs.  Taiga  UNANIMOUS DECISION
Japan                              Japan
…                                   …

Lightweight (-62,5KG) (final)
Wei Rui  vs.  Ren Hiramoto  SPLIT DECISION
China           Japan
…                …

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