Ismael Lazaar is going to appeal against 4 years of suspension that is hanging over him because of a positive doping test. ‘This doesn’t make sense. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s heavily exaggerated’, says Ismael Lazaar against Brabaants Dagblad.

The decision of the Institute of Sports Justice (ISR) came unexpected for Lazaar. ISR wants to suspend him for four years because of the use of anabolic steroids for his fight against Rico Verhoeven, on May 20th last year. He must also pay a fine of 525 euros.

Medicine use?
How does Lazaar explain the positive test himself? ‘I really do not know what’s going on. Maybe it has to do with my medicine use. Furthermore, I can not say too much about it’, says Lazaar, who trains at Siam Gym in Valkenswaard.

The suspension is a hard blow for Lazaar, who lives off kickboxing. The sport has been his money job for years, his future is immediately uncertain. ‘It is and remains a hard blow that I can not fight for four years, which is why I will also appeal. I also don’t understand why they take me so hard, they better watch other fighters than me’, says Lazaar.


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