Gökhan Saki Wants The Fight Against Rico Verhoeven After His Win From Badr Hari

Gökhan Saki has been going wild on social media after the fight between Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven. The clash of the 2 giants ended with an anticlimax because of an injury on Badr Hari’s arm, but right after that fight Gökhan rose up out of nowhere.


The official GLORY Instagram account uploaded this photo with the following text:
”Cor Hemmers says he’s open to the idea of Gokhan Saki challenging Rico Verhoeven for the belt, but only if the timing is right, he emphasizes that Gokhan still has a contract with GLORY”

Kickboxing legend Gökhan Saki was Light Heavyweight champion at Glory before being stripped from the belt, because of contract problems with the organization. He clearly disagrees according to his Twitter updates and only wants to come back to also gain the Heavyweight belt to his collection.




Only kickbox fans can make this fight happen, so make sure to spam Gökhan Saki, Rico Verhoeven, Cor Hemmers and GLORY to force them and ofcourse share this article on every social media possible!

Are you sick and tired of shitty fights that nobody wants to see while one of the legends is not even on Glory 36/Collision?!?!? Make this fight happen as kickbox fans worldwide!



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