Date: 25 March 2017
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Place: Vorst National

*The fighting records are shown this way: (Wins- Losses- Draws).
*All the fights are 3 rounds and 3 minutes, except if otherwise is shown.
*All the fights are kickboxing rules, except if otherwise is shown.
*In case the post is a ”results” post, green colour is the winner and the purple colour shows how the win was.
*If the names, country, fighting record or anything else is incorrect, please send a message below and we will fix it immediatly.
*(CC) means current champion.


Welterweight (-77kg)
Cédric Doumbé (CC)  vs.  Yoann Kongolo (Title Fight) (5x3minutes)
France                            Switzerland
65-4-1                            64-8-0

Featherweight (-65kg) (final)
Semi-final A Winner  vs.  Semi-final B Winner

Heavyweight (+95KG)
Guto Inocente   vs.   Jamal Ben Saddik
Brazil                       Morocco
32-7-0                     31-5-0

Featherweight (-65kg) (semi-final)
Serhiy Adamchuk  vs.  Nafi Bilalovski
Ukraine                      Belgium
33-7-0                       …

Featherweight (-65kg) (semi-final)
Petchpanomrung KiatMookao  vs.  Alexei Ulyanov
Thailand                                      Russia
152-34-2                                    21-2-1


Lightweight (-70KG)
Sittichai (CC)  vs.  Dylan Salvador
Thailand                France
113-30-5              49-11-1

Lightweight (-70KG)
Marat Grigorian  vs.  Anton Petrov
Belgium                   Bulgaria
48-10-2                   …

Heavyweight (+95KG)
Hesdy Gerges  vs.  Chi Lewis-Parry
Egypt                    United Kingdom
49-18-1                 8-1-0

Welterweight (-77KG)
Pavol Garaj  vs.  Harut Grigorian
Slovakia            Armenia
…                     43-10-0

Lightweight (-70KG)
Tyjani Beztati  vs.  Sabri Henia
The Netherlands    Tunisia
11-1-0                  5-2-1

Lightweight (-70KG)
Junus Majandinov  vs.  Meng Qinghao
Belgium                      China
???                             …

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