Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven seem to fight again next year and if it’s up to Hari’s trainer Mike Passenier, the kickboxers meet at the Johan Cruijff Arena.
“Badr is training again,” says Passenier in the podcast ”Vechtersbazen”.

“I do hope that it happens big, I’m talking about the Arena, that kind of thing.” We must not do it again in Oberhausen. ”

In December 2016, Hari and Verhoeven fought against each other in Germany. That fight was won by Verhoeven in the beginning of the second round, because Hari had to give up with an arm-injury.

The Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer is working on a comeback in November after a seven-month prison sentence for a series of assaults in the nightlife in Amsterdam.

Johan Cruijff Arena
Passenier expects that soon there will be clarity about the return of Hari in the ring. “We also have to wait for Saturday, it will be very interesting if Rico loses,” talking about the title fight of Verhoeven with Jamal Ben Saddik in Ahoy.

“Because of circumstances it couldn’t be held in the Netherlands last time, but I think the time is right now. There is a rise of events like Glory in our country. Ziggo Sport wants to air the fight between Verhoeven and Hari and wants to keep the control in their own hands.”

“Let’s hope it all comes through”, says the trainer. “How beautiful would it be?” The ring on the center spot, the roof closed and the stadium sold out. ”

Mike Passenier says that Badr Hari will fight till the age of 40 and against Rico Verhoeven promo 2









Badr will do at least 4 more fights.
Hari, who won 106 of his 118 bouts as a kickboxer, celebrates his 33rd birthday on Friday. According to Passenier, the Amsterdammer hopes to have add several years to his career. After his prison sentence the kickboxer went to Morocco to work on his comeback.

“When Badr was 26, he said,”Mike, we’re doing this one more time and then we’ll quit”. That’s almost seven years ago, he’s still good, says Passenier. “In the beginning of his career, he has often fought with injuries, but recently he was able to nurse his body and perhaps he can go on a little bit longer”.

“Until the age of 35 certainly, but if Badr only does one or two bouts a year, he will only have to do 8 fights until he is 40”. Badr will do at least 4 more fights.

Verhoeven (28) will fight against a year younger Jamal Ben Saddik this Saturday in a sold out Ahoy, against whom he also fought in 2011. Then the Brabander had to except a defeat.


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