Court case threatens the comeback of Badr Hari
Whether Badr Hari really makes his comeback with the kickboxing organization Glory on 3 March is still the question. The kickboxer would also have signed a contract with another organization for a fight in May. That organization wants to take both Badr and Glory to court.

Badr Hari has negotiated with several kickboxing organizations over the past few months about his return to the ring. Last Saturday, the world’s biggest kickboxing organization Glory announced that Badr would make its comeback on March 3rd. Glory has signed a contract with Badr for multiple fights. In September, Rico and Badr would face each other again.

Kickboxing organization Enfusion now claims to also have signed a contract with Badr. “Badr Hari is a businessman, he has just been shopping and looks where the most money could be made,” says Saïd Hamzaoui on behalf of Enfusion. ”He did not come to an agreement with Glory. We have been more effective.”

Badr Hari would have fought at Enfusion in May against Luis Tavares, that already challenged Badr in October of this year. In the contract that Enfusion made with Badr Hari, it also includes that he would not take action anywhere else before May. ”The shine wouldn’t be the same, especially if he would lose at Glory on 3 March ”, says Hamzaoui.

According to Enfusion, Glory heard that Badr had signed with the competitor and then made him a more lucrative offer. According to Enfusion, Badr thinks he can get out of his contract because a part of the money that had to be paid in advance was half an hour too late. Hamzaoui says that this was agreed with the management of Badr and that it was not a problem. ”We have a strong case.”

Decomposition factor
According to Jacques de Wit, manager and lawyer of Badr Hari, it’s true that the kickboxer had a ‘draft agreement’ with Enfusion, but that the deadline for the money was strict. ”And that was a decisive factor ”, says De Wit. ”We have made it very clear on several occasions and it’s also on paper. And also it was not about a half hour too late. After that we just started talking with other organizations.”

Hamzaoui responds again: “There is a letter between the lawyers that the delay of the transaction was agreed. We have this on paper. The deal was made. Autographs signed. The money was paid and there were still negotiation about details long after the money was already payed. It’s now up to the judge.”




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